Friday, September 27, 2013

9-27-2013 Late Entry from Dana and KoOline Diane

Ko'Olina Diane made it to Sandy's today.... where she got to meet up with Buster... very cute picture of this dude
 Buster decided to put on a Sandy Coat at Sandys... love how his head is clean!
 Dana spent some time with weaner Luana.... Dana reported her to be content... and cuddling between the two rocks must feel really secure

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Dana said...

Many thanks to the team of Alan, Jeannie, & Jeannie's friend for taking on the task of dismantling the pupping zone, hauling it up the hills, and getting it back to Turtle Bay. You guys are awesome and made my day so so much easier and enjoyable. Mahalo for your help, initiative, and thoughtfulness.