Tuesday, September 17, 2013

9-17-2013 A Story from Our Friend Val

My friend Val Bloy now living on Kauai.... sent me an email about her being out on the beaches and watching over a seal. What makes this experience worth posting is we often hear about the people who don't like the seals or are disrespectful to seals trying to rest on the beaches.... Well Val shares her special day.... THANK YOU Val for sharing.

Aloha, Donna,
I've had the pleasure to respond to a couple of seal haul outs in the past week or so here on Kauai and I just wanted to share what happened this past Sunday morning.
Mary and Lloyd (eastside coordinators)  were called to a beach on the east side of Kauai, Mary in turn called me to join them (basically, so I can learn the beaches and seal haul out areas) When I arrived Lloyd had just placed his story board signs around RT12, who is now molting. We walked by a man and a young boy fishing very near RT12. Mary asked the man to just be aware of the sleeping seal and this was his response.  "No worries Aunties, as long as I am here (which was going to be all day) no body gonna mess with the seal. We will keep him safe!!" "I am happy to have him(seal) here, he gotta eat and rest too!!"
The thing I found some delightful was this man was teaching his young son how to both fish and how to be respectful to all. He was demonstrating life long skills to this young boy. As we talked story they caught several fish...as the seal slept near by. It was a win, win situation for all.
And if that wasn't enough, another net fisherman came by wanting to throw net and "his reply to seeing the seal was "Oh, I'll just go the other way, it doesn't matter, I don't wanna bother the little guy."
 I know that sometime fisherman get a bad rap from their relationships with the seals, but I have nothing but RESPECT for these 3 men. We call all learn a lesson from their actions, we really can all coexist together!!
I'm off to check on RT12. Have a great day...LIVE ALOHA!!!
**photos by Mary and shared with her permission.

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