Friday, September 13, 2013

9-13-2013 DB's Dailies: Kea@AD, Buster&Right Spot@Eternity Beach, Rocky@Kaimana, RL42&RW02 @Makua Cliffs, Ka'ena@KP

The Kea hunt began at 0550. One of my fisherman posse said he’d seen him around 0600 at his fishing spot at Kaiwi’s Naupaka, 300+ yds east of the wall, but had lost him. When I got back to my starting point a the 100 yd rock flats, I found Kea in a tide pool. When Angel relieved me at 0700 he was still in the water, and moving east . The log showed that he hauled out to the usual spot, but around 1000 reentered the shallows and then hauled out just a tad east of the first location, where he snoozed away the rest of the day.
At 0844 posse member Teri called with the report of 2 animals down in Eternity Beach, on the town side of the Blowhole Lookout. When I arrived at 0850 I found Buster (RV08) and Right Spot (R016). Buster wasn’t a surprise by Right Spot most definitely was. I cordoned them off, but the adoring hordes, in a confined space , paid no attention whatsoever. They were gone on my 1208 recheck. Nobody there had seen them leave.
There is a second chapter to the tale. Jack (at the Bay), called at 1253 to advise that 2 visitors to Hanauma Bay had reporting having seen 2 seals at noonish, swim in the backdoor channel (left side), and out the cable channel (right side). There was no other information. Of course I can’t state as fact that it was our lovebirds but DUH ???? what do you think ?
Email from Danielle at Kaimana Beach brought photos of a D#4 molting Rocky (RH58) in the early morning hours. Posse member Christian found nobody on his 1030 check of Kaimana and Diamond Head. Colleen advised that Rocky was at Diamond Head this evening. Her D#4 molt appears to be a conservative 30%.
Team Billand reported Kolohe (RW22) and Pohaku (RO28) at Maili Point at 0921.
Team Billand reported RL42 at Makua Cliffs at 1051.
At 1237 Barbara found Ka’ena (RO40) in Ka’ena’s Pool at KP.
Barbara advised that volunteer Dennis had been following an U/U around from Kalaeloa Campgrounds to White Plains, but no ID as yet.
At 1321 Barbara advised that she’d gotten word of an U/U outside Lagoon #4, KoOlina. At 1558 Barbara called to advise that the animal at KoOlina was Makaiwi (R4DE). Her last Oahu sighting was on 3-7-13 at the Moana Surfrider, Waikiki. Since then she has been a Big Island resident. They hadn't seen her on the BI for a while, and now we know why. It's not all good news however. She seems to have some visible lumps and a lasceration on her back, and is lathargic at the KoOlina site. NOAA personnel responded. Awaiting further info.  This breaks my heart.... sending out healing energy to sweet Maka'iwi.... Let's hope our great team of experts can work their magic.... 

At 1425 Team Billand RW02 now with RL42 at Makua Cliffs.

 Rocky resting comfortably while she sheds her old coat.
 Classic Beach "from here to eternity" Burt Lancaster and Debra Kerr
 not exactly..... 
 No... it's  Buster and Rightspot
 If I didn't know better I would say spring is in the air with all these love birds...
Kolohe and Pohaku 
 Little RL42
 AWWWW Makaiwi welcome back sweet girl
 I thought she had barnacles growing on her... I hope the team can help her.
 Glad you made the trip back to Oahu so you can be cared for.... since the hospital isn't ready on the big island ...

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