Saturday, September 28, 2013

9-28-2013 Lesley Hits the Jackpot on the NorthShore

Lesley did a couple of shifts watching over newly weaned RN58 Luana and was able to catch a visit from mom R912 Nihoa. In between shifts she hiked up to Ka'ena point and found BG, Ka'ena and Kerby.  I say it was a north shore jack pot day!

“Nihoa” swam into the birth beach from Mokuleia side, she hauled out and gallumped her way up to where little RN58 “Luana” was sleeping. She nuzzled the weaner that looked at her. There wasn’t much interaction. She smelled “Luana’s” belly, then the little one turned around and went and play with a piece of wood. “Luana” went into the water and when she came back an hour later she hauled out fairly close to R912 but instead of going up to her she turned and went up to her favorite rocks to sleep. I left @ 3:00PM
Mom and Weaner reunited
 Loving this ... so rare to see this happen
 Love the expression on Luana's face
1st shift - Luana was foraging in the cove on the West side for 2hrs, then she crossed birth beach in a minute and went into her favorite cove among rocks on Mokuleia side
2nd shift – She was sleeping mid beach when R912 hauled out, she played around with a piece of wood. She entered the water @ 1:53 PM and foraged/played till 2:30PM when she hauled out mid beach but didn’t go towards R912

She has something in her mouth... Val commented it looks like a camera, could she be turning the lens on us? I originally thought flashlight... you know for those deep dives :-)
 catching a wave
 puppy... seal or dog a stick is always fun
As soon as I arrived in front of “BG’s Pool” I saw the seal hauling in, it did a quick hully and I was able to see it was a female.  she swam around for 15 minutes and left.
 RO40 hauled into to his pool while I was watching/IDing RW08 Kerby. They “barked” a little at each other then settled and went to sleep.
 At first I thought it was “Ka’ena” due to position, but noticed the pit scar missing so I went around to the reefs on the ocean side and sat behind a rock waiting for him to move his hind flippers to see his tags. I had just IDed him when RO40 Ka’ena hauled into the pool. There was some “barking” and both settled back and slept. I was then able to move from behind my rock


madhatter said...

Wow sooo cool to see Nihoa visiting her pup and that Lesley was there to see this rare occurrence! I would so love to do this one day.
Maybe Makaiwi returned to the Big Island because someone was waiting for her!!! Do you guys have any contacts on the Big Island that could alert you if they see her? She came back to Oahu to receive care then she's off. Hope you guys see her again.

Donna said...

Maka'iwi may even have cruised over to Kauai... :-) as DB says' just when you THINK you know, the monk seals prove you wrong.
Maka'iwi has spent some time on Kauai too, she's a traveling girl. We just have to sit tight and hope a siting gets called in... Tracey and the folks at the science center are good about letting us know her where abouts.