Friday, September 13, 2013

***** ASB ***** All Seals Bulletin *******

The following message is from Dana Jones sent out to volunteers for assistance...  Please call her if you can help out. And below is a photo that was posted on facebook and shared by David Schofield..
If you see any seals eating dead fish to call the NOAA Marine Mammal HOTLINE 1-888-256-9840.
The photo was taken by Dustin Lau.

Aloha Volunteers,
By now you have heard about the spill in our Hawaiian waters.  I sent out a call for volunteers earlier this week and we have had coverage in the area for the past few days.
Today there was a sighting of a monk seal in the waters eating the dead fish.  THIS IS HORRIBLE and we need help to locate and identify the seal.  Please get back to me as soon as you can to go out and monitor this area.
Saturday is covered, but we will need help and photos to give us a plan on what to do with this animal.  Your photos and observations are critical.
It is not known if this is the weaner,  being hungry and unschooled in proper prey, if she is going after this possibly toxic, easy prey.  Your eyes and time are so important to make sure that a monk seal does not fall victim to this tragic loss of sea life.
Please take some time out and let me know if you can sign up to get out there and patrol this area.  We truly do not want one of our newest babes to perish from this event.
Dana Jones
Oahu Response Coordinator

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