Sunday, September 29, 2013

9-29-2013 DB's Dailies: Irma&Benny@KBP, Kea@SB&AD, Buster@BH,Eternity Bch&SB, Duke&Kolohe@RI, Haupu@Pokai Bay, Rocky&Kekoa(?)@RR, Luana@Mokuleia

At 0545 I found Irma (R010) & Benny (RE74) for the 3rd consecutive day at Kaupo Beach Park. When I got back for my 1122 recheck they were gone. Witnesses who were camping right there said that one was gone at 0700 when they got up, and the other departed at approximately 1100. They could not provide info on who was who. Either way I think the "magic" might well be over.
Marilyn reported Kea (RN46) foraging amongst the rocks on the west end of Crappy Cove, at 0630. She would lose him at 0655, which has the norm each day. I did the 7-10 shift and did not see him. Posse member Robert called at 1000 to advise that Kea was snoozin’ on the water front rocks at AD . When I arrived at 1008 I confirmed the Kea ID,125 yds east of the AD wall, and put up an SPZ.
At 0725 Marilyn found Kaiwi just hauling out at Buster Flats. It was a struggle, but after two attempts she finally made it.
Marilyn was on a roll. At 0837 she reported Buster (RV08) doing 8 minute dives at Blowhole. That would not be the end of Buster. Cianna would call at 1026 with the report of an animal at Eternity Beach. When I arrived I had about 1 minute with Buster before he was run off by a couple of idiots. He would do a few dives at Blowhole, and then at 1135 Cianna would call again to advise of a newly arrived animal to the east end of Sandy Beach. Of course I found Buster waiting for me at 1143. I cordoned him off and he remains.
At 1216 from Makai Pier, I found Duke (RA12) & newly returned from his west side adventures, Kolohe (RW22) together fronting 1BS on Rabbit Island.
Cianna called at 1216 with the report of an animal at Pokai Bay. Team Billand confirmed the Haupu (RB24) ID at 1254.
Cianna called again at 1335 to advise that Eileen had called to report 2 animals at the Reef Runway. The large one she characterized as having white at the tip of the left fore flipper (my vote is Rocky), and the small one she thought was Kekoa, but could not see the tags.

Kimo sent photos of La'akea (RK82) at Turtle Bay today. He & Karen Turner also saw Luana today at the pup site.

Buster and some on lookers...
 I guess he wasn't close enough ... calling all seals... jump up, show your teeth, let these people know they are too close!
 run Buster run 
 Kaiwi's impression of a salmon swimming up stream 
 and like the salmon she makes it
 ka ka ka KEA! 
 Duke and Kolohe on Rabbit Island ... wonder if Kolohe is sharing his adventures with Pohaku with little Duke... 
 La'akea at Turtle Bay
 Luana .La'akea.. trying to read... she probably understand it better than most people... just saying
 silly seal

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Lesley said...

correction: It can't be Luana (RN58) on the 2 last pictures posted, since it has algae
The sign looks like the TBR ones