Thursday, September 26, 2013

9-26-2013 MAKA'IWI Update... The Seal Has Landed

Look at her.... she's on land ... !!!!
 can't really tell what's going on with her wound other than it's looking a lot better than it was... she's looking um.. full figured. But most importantly she's finally able to get some rest without getting all water logged
 first belly shot we have seen - upon a closer look... it's her side
 crusty tail


barbara said...

We had searched for two and a half hours before we found, Makaiwi.

We covered every where at KoOlina without finding her...since yesterday morning. We kept trying all the spots we remembered Makaiwi used to go when she lived on Oahu.

Time was running out, we needed to go to the Reef Run way we tried Campbells. And as I came over the small sand hill, I spotted a single seal, snoozing on shore, not realizing...IT WAS MAKAIWI!!!!

After 16 days floating on water at KoOlina...seeing her on land...PRICELESS.

So nice to see her, BETTER. Wounds were oozing blood, not profusely or anything like that, just bloody, full of sand.

We observed her for one hour and then we had to leave. We really didnt want to was a joy to see her on LAND and OK.

Called NOAA with the news..they would check on her later.

Our prayers were answered..she is doing ok, much better. We have lots to be...GRATEFUL FOR. Now Makaiwi can air dry those wounds...FINALLY. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donna said...

I was waiting to hear your comments... Wish I had the time to head out to see her...
So happy she is on land... and maybe now the wounds can dry out... wonder because there is blood if that is actually a good thing.

Any professionals want to weigh in on this?

Diga said...

Whew! So glad you and Rob were able to find Maka'iwi hauled out. Hope she can get a good rest away from people. Thanks for keeping us informed of her progress too. Diane