Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6-25-2013 Ewa Girl & Pup Out at Reef Runway

Aloha Good People!
Today being Tuesday was my weekly escape to visit Ewa Girl and Pup... Of course it was raining and the ride over the H3 was gorgeous with all the waterfalls!  
I was happy to see the two of them when I arrived the pup who is a chunk bomb was nursing. I probably arrived at the tail end because shortly after the two of them were in snooze mode, not moving a muscle until 11:45.  
The kid did some rolling and I thought would lead mom down to the water.... but Ewa Girl wasn't interested... she pretty much stayed put.
da blog lady
 teenie weenie bleach mark on right side next to flipper
 low tide and drizzly 
 going down to the water
 mommmmmmm come on
 flipper flap
 I know if I just turn a little this way
 I can get myself to roll 
 over... just a little more and
 i'm right back where i started...
 i missed ya ma
 awwwww chunky and mom

1 comment:

barbara said...

Wow, what a fat chick!!!! I so enjoyed your photos and the naration. Seems the fat chick is almost ready to POP!!!!!

She is so pretty...looks almost like Kekoa Alii...just really really REALLY FAT!!!!!

Her color has changed, again...looks more and more like a mini...Ewa Girl. Oh what a lovely baby...almost ready to be .... WEANED off.