Tuesday, June 11, 2013

6-11-2013 Ewa Girl and Pup Update

I went out for my weekly check on Ewa Girl and pup.... there was a delay in my getting out to the beach... security was busy and well... doesn't matter just didn't get to spend much time..... However I was determined to see them or at the very least check on them.

Upon arrival Mom and pup were snoozing and pretty much stayed that way for the hour I was with them... there was a feeding which I didn't realize until I checked my photos.... mostly neither mom or pup moved much for the feeding and they looked like they were still in snooze mode.

The interesting part of the day was a small fishing boat... all within legal limits and all fishing legally... I did see a net and there were 4-5 divers.... they were still on site when I left. I called the information into NOAA and also spoke with Earl from DLNR.... Upon leaving I told security my concern, he told me he would check on them, but to have NOAA/DLNR call the security office directly to follow up for the later shifts. I just hope they were good fishermen and used their net responsibly.

 the dudes.

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barbara said...

NET BEING LAYED NEAR A POOR PUP and MOM??????????????????? Frightening!!!

I hope authorities did something.

Prayers to Ewa Girl and Pup. I feel.....FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!