Thursday, June 13, 2013

6-13-2013 DB's Dailies:Kainoa,RIP,M38&U/M@RI,Buster@SC&SB, Ewa Girl&Pup@RR, Right Spot@V-land, RL42@KP

The first pass through the quadrant was a bust, but at 0740 Gayle called to advise that Buster (RV08) was at Spitting Cave. She would report his departure at 0756.

On my 2nd look at Rabbit Island at 0815 I found three animals in Seal Rock Inlet. The first ID would prove to be M38, who relocated to the far left end of the beach. The next ID would prove to be RIP (RR70) who departed SRI and hauled out near M38 at 0911. They had words, and RIP did a slow roll back to the water. Both would enter the water and at 1036 RIP hauled out to the far left end of the beach. M38 would relocated to the water front rocks, 100 ft right of 3BS.Both would remain the rest of the day. The 3rd animal remained in SRI all day, and I was never able to get an ID. I saw a male belly, and it appeared to be an adult sized animal. Who ????? (my dollar is on RK36 but ???)
It would be 1440 before Kainoa finally showed face. He hauled out to Right Greenery, on RI.
At 0938 Ocean Safety called to report an animal just hauling out at Sandy Beach. When I arrived I found Buster on the beach, at Half Point. I cordoned him off and he remained until sometime between 1630 and 1700 according to stoned parking lot denizens....... man .

While I was picking up the stuff at 1720, Jack (at the Bay) called to advise that he had a cruiser moving down the beach front shallows moving east to west. He was unable to ID the animal, and it departed the bay at 1727. This is the 3rd cruiser incident this week at HB. I've gotta' cat on Buster for sure.

Speaking of cruisers, Dana called at 1130 to advise that there was a cruiser reported at Paradise Cove that Dana ID'd as Benny (RE74) at 1208. He never hauled out and his departure was reported by an on scene volunteer at 1237.

The Billands checked in at 1245 having finished their Ewa Girl & Pup visit. They reported both were happy and well.

Email from Dera brought news of Right Spot (R016) reported and confirmed by photo from Bill Quinlan, at V-land.

Kimo Smith called at 1714 on the Waianae side , KP trail. He reported finding RL42, 1/3rd on the way in.

 Buster at Sandy Beach 
 buster at spitting cave (which was before he arrived at sandy's)
 A very full figured right spot at Vland
 Peek a boo guess who!!! 
 Ewa girl and pup
 this little one is growing fast
 little chubster

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