Monday, June 3, 2013

6-3-2013 DB's Dailies: Kainoa,Kolohe&RM38@ RI, Kermit,M&M,Buster@KCG, Ewa Girl&Pup,Kekoa@RR, U/U@Hauula, T21M@Sunset, Benny&RB24@Makaha, U/U@WP

At 0634 I found Kolohe (RW22) snoozin' on the water front rocks of Seal Rock Inlet on Rabbit Island. When I got back to the pier at 1032 he was no longer there, and I did not see him again today.

 At 1111 Kainoa (RN04) hauled out 80 ft right of 1BS on RI. When I panned left at 1112 I found M38 just hauling out to Left Point Beach. He would depart due to the rising tide at 1233.

Dera checked in at 0935 with a report of an U/U at Hauula, who would be gone when volunteers arrived.

 She also advised that Eileen called to report that Kekoa (RK72) was with Ewa Girl (RS00)&Pup at the Reef Runway.

 Lastly, Dera also advised of an U/U at Sunset Beach. Jeannie would respond and at 1132 advised Dera that she saw a "GZ" tag, which would be T21M (7GY/Z). The shots are inconclusive.

 At 1037 the Billands reported Benny (RE74) and Haupu (RB24) at the Makaha Princess Condos.

Dana called at 1711 to advise that Andrea & Tom reported that Benny & Haupu had departed.

 The Billands found Kermit (R012) & M&M (R020) together at Kalaeloa Campgrounds

 At 1353 Team Billand reported the arrival of Buster (RV08) to Kermit & M&M's location at Kalaeloa. Kermit, of course, ran him off. Persistent dude that he is Buster returnd at 1430, hauling out 80 ft away. Kermit ran him off again, but Buster just wouldn't get the hint. He returned and was run off a total of 4 times.

 At 1608 Team Billand advised that WP lifeguards reported a new arrival to Tower #2, White Plains. It would prove to be Buster.....twice. He was continuing his cruiser male act.

 Benny and Hau'upu
 Not sure what's happening some dude pretending to be a seal? sneak up on a seal? 
again not sure.... mm and kermit.. and some dude... let's just call him.. ummm jerk! 
 uh? what? what did i do? huh? 
 mm and kermit
 mm kermit and buster
 back off !!!
 ol sole a mio !!!!

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Laurie said...

AWESOME! I love seeing uniforms out there taking care of our seals. Hats off to our men in blue. I would have loved to have been there yesterday, not just for the guy to get questioned for harassing the seals, but because I would have loved to have seen those three playing together.