Wednesday, June 5, 2013

6-5-2013 More of Irma @ Paradise Cove

"Ko'Olina" Diane is a week of first.... she got to meet Kermit for the first time..... and now she met Irma for the first time....OMG wait until she experience the Irma and Kermit love story for the first time.  As a volunteer it's always exciting to be on the beach with the infamous cast of characters.... also you begin to see the slight "behavior" personalities of each animal.... Like well if there's a seal on the beach with a head held high and lots of posturing and barking who is it?????  LOL.
 splish splash
 you know the shore break is strong if it's moving this big momma!
 Meet Linda S. another loyal volunteer out at paradise cove and ko'olina.... you ladies are doing great out there and thank you for all your dedicated time.

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