Sunday, June 2, 2013

6-2-2013 DB's Dailies:Kainoa,M38&Kolohe@RI, Kaiwi@SC, Buster,M&M@KCG, Haupu@Maile, Ka'ena,R912&Benny@KP

I found Kainoa just hauling out to the left end of Rabbit Island at 0916. He would be joined, briefly, by M38.

At 1105 Kolohe (RW22) hauled out to Seal Rock Inlet. He would be joined by M38 at 1145. They would spend the rest of the day there.

Posse member Alice (no......another Alice) reporting an animal at Spitting Cave. When Marilyn arrived at 1137 she confirmed the Kaiwi (RK96).
At 0937 Team Billand would report M&M (R020) at Kalaeloa Campgrounds.

They had been following Buster (RV08) in his cruiser male mode since 0823. He would finally settle down with M&M at 1155.

At 1548 the Billands found Haupu (RB24) in Maili.
Kimo did the Ka'ena Point trek today, reporting Ka'ena (RO40) at Ka'ena's Pool, and Benny (RE74) in the company of R912, about halfway back on the Waianae side trail.

Dera sent photos taken today of R5AY at Hauula, and RK36 at Turtle Bay.

 M38 and Kolohe
 R5AY aka Honey girl in Hauula 

 Now this is our healthy girl.... and are we to say... prego? 
 Oh girl... with everything you been through this year.... 
 RK36 at Turtle bay
 Buster N21 ~~~~
 LOL phantom of the seal.... sorry first thought came to mind... 
 Buster and MM
 Buster....!!!! such the playboy these days
 RB24 Hau'upu
 Benny and R912
 seals yapping... yep... Benny is involved :-)
 Looking handsome dude

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