Tuesday, June 4, 2013

6-4-2013 Ewa Girl and Kids

Aloha Good People !!!

What a wonderful morning I had with Ewa Girl and her kids.... yes kids... Uncle Kekoa was on site and it was a special moment for me.... last time I saw him was at this very beach, but both of us were a couple of years younger.  He's a handsome dude... funny I was thinking this morning, he reminded me of Kerby... WELLL DUH!!!!  they're brothers !!!! 

Okay back to current events.... upon arrival the beach was empty or so I thought.... Mom and pup were no where along the shore and watching the water line for a bit I say them about 50 yards off shore diving and swimming... water was choppy so I decided to check the shore line for any type of debris that might be harmful to a young'en.... as I was walking by I heard a loud snort (nearly fell back I was so startled)... I quickly backed up and took a closer look and there on the higher end of the sand all dry and blending in... was N72.... Kekoa big brother.... to this little one.

Mom and pup spent most of my time in the water..... when they swam in... about 20 feet from shore Ewa Girl began her snorts, grunts and bellows.... by the time she and the pup hit the sand... Kekoa was aware they were close by.... finally he got the hint and moved back up to higher ground.

While on site a couple of F22a flew over.... I could feel my inside vibrating.... and made my eyes water.... quite a disturbance.... well for me anyway... Ewa Girl and the kids... total snooze mode. 
Enjoy the pix ... I have more but will take a little longer to sort. 

Kekoa on the run.... Mom says move!
little one
Kekoa left side in grass... Ewa Girl and pup snoozing while jets are flying by.

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