Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6-25-2013 DB's Dailies: Kainoa@RI, Buster@SB, Pohaku&Benny@Waikomo's

Rainy conditions made observations a challenge today. Despite lots of lookin' it would be a call from Ocean Safety at 0939 that brought my first critter. They reported an animal just hauling out to Sandy Beach (gee.... I wonder who that could be?). At 0950 I found Buster (RV08) waiting for me fronting the Half Point break at SB. I cordoned him off and he has remained the rest of the day. Buster departed at 1736.

After many attempts at trying to see what was happening on Rabbit Island, I finally found Kainoa (RN04) drapped across a Kainoa sized rock fronting Left Greenery on RI. Once again he was the only RI resident.

The highlight of the day came with a called from Team Billand at 0836, reporting Pohaku (RO28) and Benny (RE74) together, at Waikomo's, 1/2 mile west of Keaau's on the west side. This marks the first sighting of Pohaku since she weaned her pup on Kauai, on or about 6-20-13.

In the Yesterday's News department I received shots of RI37 at the Bird Refuge on the N.S . This was the first sighting of our girl since she was last seen on Kauai on 5-10-13.

 Buster at Sandy's ... I think he likes hanging out with DB 
 RI37 at Campbells Bird Refuge
 Pohaku... welcome home girl!
 Benny let the girl get some rest...
 little neck nibbles


barbara said...

POHAKU IS BACK on Oahu...she looks thinner, but she is ok.

Benny was right at her butt, Pohaku would leap at him and nip at his neck to warn him. Benny backed off, but remained right at her side.

Folks pulled over as the seals were visible from the highway. Everyone was good for the two hours we remained at site.

Welcome back POHAKU...so...does this mean, Benny will be the next DADDY in 11 months?????? Nice combination dont ya think?

Well, KoOlina gang, get ready for the long hours to guard her out there....she'll be coming soon.

Rachel S. said...

Welcome back Pohaku! You must be so excited Barbara. :) She did an amazing job with her pup and it's so cool that she's back here already. Glad to hear the updates - she's one of my favorite seals.