Tuesday, June 11, 2013

6-11-2013 Late night entry

and team Billand comes through!!!! sounds like they had a full day handling the crowds....thanks to Jim and Laurie for helping out at the site....  need to get more posse out to west side.
 looks serene except for the ball
 then again look from another angle

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barbara said...

Many thanks to Laurie, Jim for all their help with the maddening crowd.

It didnt get any better after you guys left. The guys at the gazebo area, kept playing ball and the ball kept landing in the zone. We just kept watch, and then.....boom! The volley ball lands within a few feet from M and M. I advised NO ONE TO ENTER THE ZONE, let the ball be, it wasnt going any where. NAH!!! THe mother of the kids, went under the ropes, into the zone, close to M and M. Just as the lady grabs the ball, M and M a woke, eyes wide opened, postured, whooped the person. I yelled for her to get out!! I told the kid, well, now you see why we dont want you close to the seal???? BUt I guess you are happy you got the dam ball. Kid seemed shocked at the seals ability to move the way it did.

Boogie boards in zone, right up to M and M. She was looking,posturing. I yelled for the kids...JUST GET THE BOARDS NOW, HURRY UP!!

TO add to this, a second seal came a shore at the cabins...the kids were going to run over to it. I ran down to get an id, it was late, like 7:27pm, DARK. I got there, Studying the animals markings, IT WAS R018!!! Took id photos, but none came out too dark. Dam it. But I knew who the seal was any ways. He settled in high on shore, waves hitting him. One surfer gets out of water, goes towards him, he didnt see me in the dark. The man starts to whistle at seal, seal looking, posturing. I yelled at the guy, he came up shore and away from the seal. Seal remains but very alert, nervous...

I run back to the other seal, with all these hundreds of folks still around, Rob trying to talk sense in to them to keep out.

The adult starts to clean his boogie board...hitting the board on the earth over and over. M gets nervous, wakes up, looking on her tippie toes...man continues with the board. And then M stands up so tall, trying to get out of her deep wallow. We dont stop the man, hoping M leaves....we are tired of this crap. M galumphs to the water and leaves. I pull the ropes up, Rob still trying to talk to the people. Hell with this crap, lets get the hell out of this site.

The people come over asking, "WHY DID THE SEAL LEAVE"....I dont answer, avoiding them, ROB still trying to talk to them.

R018 is still at his 1707 site, without any one there for HIM. We are exhausted, upset...gather equipment and LEAVE for the night at just after 8pm.

I do want to thank Laurie who was there alone with this crowd..she is a trooper. And thanks to Jim who knows the score after all these years...this kind of a crowd is tuff....but if no one is there to monitor things, that seal will never be allowed to REST at all.

For Rob and Me...our hearts ache all the time, holidays are horrible for seals...dealing with such a wild crowd, exhausting.

At7:45am saw a seal hauling in, ran over to is as the surfer, a local male, was shooting her with the water hose from the showers. I was so upset that early in the am, ran up to the local man, told him not to shoot the poor seal who just wanted to REST!!!! Blah. BLah. Blah. Man left and we never saw him ... again.

Large crowds at Plains on a Holiday...hard, nerve racking, tense, frustrating. Right now, I dont really want to go out today...I know that R018 will be up from last night, sleeping. And I know someone will be at his butt, trying to make him react for a shot. I feel for the seals...with what they experience daily. I am just SO TIRED of the late nights...the huge crowds to deal with. But someone got to be with the seal...or they are runned off.

What are we today people? I am out of answers...out of patience.

HELP IS NEEDED OUT THERE...being at a site so late..with so many people...just so hard.

Well, nuff said, nothing is going to change, seals will always be a target where ever they go..Poor Poor seals. If only they would get the message...DONT HAUL UP ON HOLIDAYS...JUST STAY AWAY. FOLKS DONT CARE. Seals are a big joke to them, and they just cant resist, RUNNING THEM OFF, playing ball at the site, swimming in front of zone, or walking inches from the poor seal. It never stops.