Sunday, June 9, 2013

6-9-2013 DB's Dailies: Kaiwi@BF, Aukai@SC, Buster@SB, Kolohe&Kainoa@RI, RIP,M&M@KCG, Kaikaina@TB, Rocky&Pup@Kauai

Live...Local...Late Breaking.... A call from Dera this morning at 0858 brought the highlight of the day. Rocky (RH58) showed up at N. Larsen's on Kauai yesterday, and this morning had her pup !!!! good ol' rocky girl !!!  we know the volunteers will take good care of her.
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming... At 0613 I found Kaiwi (RK96), having overnighted at Buster Flats. She was still there when Gayle and I checked her at 1725.
At 0718 Marilyn and I found Aukai (RL12) doing 5 to 8 minute dives at a rough Spitting Cave. She had last been seen on 5-20-13 on RI, so it was wonderful to see little girl.

Posse member Teri called at 0803 to advise that her body surfer brother had called her to report an animal just hauling out at Sandy Beach. We we arrived at 0817 we found Buster (RV08) on the beach. We cordoned him off and he remained all day, departing at 1749.

On my 2nd Rabbit Island look I found Kolohe (RW22) just hauling out, 80 ft left of 1BS. He would remain the rest of the day.

At 1128 Kainoa (RN04) hauled out, 70 ft left of 1BS. He too remained the rest of the day.

At 0740 Team Billand reported RIP (RR70) at 0630 and M&M at 0740, at Kalaeloa Campgrounds
At 1210 Dana reported that Karen Turner had reported Kaikaina (RL54) at the elbow, Turtle Bay.

Kimo Smith did the Ka'ena Point trek today, and just as with Marilyn & Lesley's day yesterday, the only critter found was R912 half way in on the Waianae side trail to the end of the world.

 Welcome home aukai!
 912 at Kaena point
 nothing could be sweeter!
 Rip and MM the facing
 the embrace
 toooooooo cute!  when they're not being seal pretzels they really can relax together
 wide eyed great shot!

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Diga said...

Haha! It looks more like she's trying to fend him off to me. Look at her eyes.