Saturday, June 15, 2013

6-15-2013 DB Dailies:Kainoa&M38@RI, Kaiwi@BF, RK36@SC, Ka'ena@KP

At 0615 I found Kaiwi (RK96) snoozin' at Buster Flats. She was still there on all subsequent checks today.

At 0727 I found RK36 doing 9 minute dives at Spitting Cave.

On my 2nd look at Rabbit Island, I found M38, 80 ft left of 1BS. He remained there the rest of the day.

On a pan at 1041 I found Kainoa (RN04) newly arrived to the left end rock flats, just where the beach begins. He too remained the rest of the day.

Dera called at 0730 with the report of an U/U swimming animal, off shore of Queen's Beach in Waikiki, that never hauled out. No further word was received , but my dollar is most certainly on Buster, hopefully headed back west. He was not seen in the SE quadrant today.

Marilyn & Lesley did the Ka'ena Pt trek today and reported finding only Ka'ena (RO40), at Ka'ena's Pool, KP. Unfortunately, they also reported seeing fishing line coming from his mouth. 

Lesley's shots showed that it possibly in the lip, and not swallowed. Marilyn advised that they met Kimo just going out, as she and Lesley were ending their trek. Kimo's outstanding shots indicate that the small hook appears to be in the exterior of the lower lip. Thank You to all the trekkers.

At 1106 Dana called with a report of Benny (RE74) at Paradise Cove. Dana called at 1716 to advise of Benny's departure.

Team Billand called at 1224 to report M&M (R020) at Kalaeloa Campground.

On my morning perusal of sites I found this clip on YouTube, probably shot yesterday at an unknown location. It is most definitely Kolohe (RW@@). His right side natural bleach is visible for a few frames, as is his N33 bleach at the end.

Dera called at 1418 to advise that "N14" was in somebody's backyard across from Kualoa Ranch.

At 1556 Team Billand advised that 2AW had hauled out to join M&M at KCG.

Kaiwi at Busters flats 
 Ka'ena at kaena point
 little hook on lower lip
 good shot shows where the hook is located

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