Thursday, June 6, 2013

6-6-2013 Team Billand - Ewa Girl & Pup, MM, Kermit and Irma

Ewa Girl and Pup returning from their swim
 Team Billand was lucky and heard a lot of interaction today
 and snoozing
 the money shot of the little bugger!
 MM and some beach bums ... 
 MM at the zoo 
 MM .... now remember this photo
 Kermit working on his ABs
 BIG momma..... Irma she's HUGE
 okay... picture of Irma...  look at the side by side

same position, both big, and both have seal snot in their nose.

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barbara said...

Almost kind of alike, but not.

Top right photo: Irma
Bottom left shot: M and M with a partial bleach of N, smaller in size and sand is flat. Small scar opposit side of body. See it??

And Pup with Mom, melts our hearts. Pup is bossy, independent. Hard to tell if male or female yet.

When we got to site, there were: NO SEALS AT ALL...but saw them way off shore at the outer reef area, FROLICKING together. Pup a great swimmer, fast. And the pup is very vocal with MOM. Mom...Very patient.

Thanks for the help today at Plains with two seals on shore at separate locations. Beach is very busy every day since school is out. Thanks to Laurie, Michelle and Heather.