Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pictures from Kauai of PUPS

Aloha everyone!!!
Karen Bryan was on Kauai and she spent some time with RO28 and Rocky.... She sent these pics to me early today... I know you all will love seeing them!!!

Rocky and her pup
 picture of Kermit while Karen was doing a dive near Nihau
 RO28 and pup day before she weaned!

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barbara said...

Great shot of Kermit, under water, snoozing? Appreciate your report of FAT BOY on Niihau.

Now look at Pohaku and pup...simply amazing!!! The pup looks bigger than her, god bless that new seal on earth. Very handsome baby...GREAT MOM, OH WHAT A GREAT MOM.

Look at Pohaku, so thin, baby full of food, ready for real life without MOM.Sniff, snort.

Looking forward to finding Pohaku, thats IF she returns to Oahu to molt at KoOLina again. That was 24 molting days out was long hours watching her, and , at the time, I had my surgery done, but managed to go see POHAKU any ways. She means alot to me...I always told her we would watch out for her, since her mothers killing.

Rocky, busy with her baby, nursing, keeping watch on its exploring earth, rocks, sticks, etc. Isnt this remarkable what monk seals do?????? I keep thinking how wonderful creatures they really are..just amazing critters. I appreciate all of them!!! I just wish with my heart, that we could make life better for THEM!!!!

Wait till Val and Ron and girls arrive and be family out on Kauai...Life will be adventurous, full of critters to keep track of, girls will have land to run on and explore. Pretty soon, it will all.........BEGIN AGAIN!!!