Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Monk seals in the News

For those of you who missed the broadcast here's a link to a story that hit social media on Monday. Apparently the incident took place on Saturday in Diamond Head.  Although the ignorant idiots make this upsetting... the good news is, it was reported... and if you listen to audio you can hear someone yelling at them to leave the seal alone.

This is why we do what we do.... it's frustrating and upsetting to see people harass the seals.... the majority of them are just ignorant and think approaching a wild animal is okay.... come to think of it what the heck the lady holding her baby was thinking is beyond me.  

Let's hope at the very least this raises awareness....  I would also love to know if these folks were visitors or residents... 

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL

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barbara said...

Ok, this wonderful person caught these guys clearly harassing our seal. IS THERE ANYONE ORGANIZATION GOING TO DO ANYTHING TO THESE FOLKS ON VIDEO??????

Or is this just another incident where the JERKS get away? I hope they get the what they deserve.

Who was the seal? Buster, Rocky?? Looks large.

It breaks my heart to watch..I cant imagine the person with the Camera!!!!

So these folks got one with nature, and got some awesome footage with a Critically Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal. I guess we should check out YOUTUBe, Instagram or whatever, NO WAIT...ITS ON THE NEWS!!!!

The person who got this clip, THANK You...for bringing this to the attention of many folks who watch the news. It shows exactly what humans do to the poor seals who are so vulnerable to mans STUPIDITY.

Sorry to our beloved Monk seals..my heart goes out to you and your daily struggles with Humans and dogs.

If only MAN cared enough.....and what an example of a mom holding a baby to view this..tsk, tsk.