Saturday, May 17, 2014

5-15-2014 Late Entry Benny at White Plains

Rip So sorry this is BENNY  hanging out while the kids are at play
 too bad this mom doesn't realize how dangerous a seal can be.... understandably he's sleeping and looking helpless. 
 Sweet sweet Honu

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barbara said...

Hi, This is Benny RE74 at Aki's Beach Makaha.

Never understood how parents can let their little kids, play right next to a 400 pound mammal, WITH TEETH.

Deb and I tried asking these folks to move away...NOPE, THEY JUST, STAYED RIGHT THERE.

Thanks to My FRIEND DEBBIE, who stood by for many hours with Benny.

He would leave around 6:45pm BECAUSE...a dog got loose, ran over to Benny...with all the barking, Benny LEFT..No contact.