Saturday, May 10, 2014

2014 Pup Update !

Aloha good people !

We have another pup ... 2014 is going to be quite a year.!  
This little cutie is actually KP2s sibling.... RK22 KP2's Momma is FINALLY getting her mothering skills down.  

Due to sensitivity of this particular mother there will be very little information other than some great pictures when we get them!  ENJOY!

They went that-a-way
 RK22 and pup 


madhatter said...

Im not trying to make anyone mad or upset I know that RK22 had abandoned the pup before KP2 and then KP 2 and another pup that she cared for died being stuck in a net if I remember correctly If not I apologize for not getting it correct. But it has got to be hard when the males come around as soon as a pup arrives, for the mom and I know they are wild animals but I feel for KP2's mom. She did leave him but she also gave Hawaii a wonderful seal that so many cared for and helped him to survive so people like myself who just learned about Monk Seals a few years and fell in love with KP2 my first monk seal I love to watch the web cam at the aquarium and see both KP2 and Maka and love monkseal I have learned so much and the volunteers are awesome I would love to help but I'm 4452 miles away.But I did teach the school age child children all about monk seals and they loved learning about R5AY and the first pup of 2014. I would just like to know that RK22 is safe by seeing or hearing that she is in the future. Thank you
My name is Kathy Otte aka mad hatter .

Donna said...

ALOHA Kathy!
First I know it would be a lot more exciting for you to be here supporting the monk seals... but I want to let you know as far as I am concerned you are doing a GREAT and important job from 4452 miles away. How else are those kids going to know about the endangered hawaiian monk seal? You are teaching them from far away about an animal that so few people in the country don't know exists.

As far as KP2... he is and will always will be a very special seal. He was able to bring the seals into the national (actually international) spotlight. He was able to bring people who weren't big fans of the monk seals and turn them into supporters. He taught so many of us so many things... I will forever be grateful for being a part of the process.
Nature is amazing to have watched his mother go through the changes... I don't think anyone blamed her for anything... It's just such a relief to have her taking care of her pups...

I imagine this won't be the last time we see a problem with moms rearing their pups... at least next time the experts have more information AND there is a wonderful Hospital on the Big Island to help take care of a sick or abandon pup.

Thank you again Kathy... you're contribution to the blog means a lot.

Val said...

Aloha Kathy,
I actually had a post put together this a.m. after reading your note and poof it was gone!! My fingers are too fat and somehow hit the wrong key. :/

Anyhow, I totally agree with Donna. You may not be here on the islands, but YOU are doing a wonderful thing by helping to educate others about our dear monk seals. I am so grateful that you are telling their story.
Like Donna I was involved with Kp2 while I lived on Molokai--talk about a character!! He indeed had us in tears and belly laughs more times than I can count. He has grown to be a true ambassador for the seal population. Who knew a day old little wailing, rock suckling seal would have such an impact on our world.
As for Kp2's momma, it is just such a joy to watch her protect her youngster. The way it is suppose to be...let me tell ya, on Wednesday afternoon (after giving birth) she ran those two big males off with just her bark!! That's the power of a good momma.
I will be doing a weekly day shift with her and the (hopefully female;) pup and will be glad to share what I can here on the blog. So stay tuned. At the present time, the mom/pup location is undisclosed for their protection. Don't worry she and the pup are being watched carefully.

Again, thank you for your interest and support.