Friday, May 9, 2014

5-8-2014 Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek

It was another beautiful day in Hawaii Nei. I went out solo to hike out to monitor Ka'ena Pt.
The tide was very low and the ocean looked like a big pool with all nuances of turquoise. I may have seen the last whales of the season, some spinner dolphins, turtles, fishes, fishermen, albatross and seals, lots of seals.
R303 "BG" was in her pool and seemed to be there for the day - she's looking big, round and healthy.
RO40 "Ka'ena" was at the entrance of his pool which had very little water in it. He must have been there at least since the last high tide, cause the step was very high.
RR70 "Rip" was sleeping in a cozy creek near the main pool
The big surprise was as I was leaving, walking on the coastline with some fishermen throwing nets I heard some barking / vocalizing we all stopped on our steps and waited for a while. Then we heard it again. Looking over some rocks down into a tiny pool were Temp402 "Squinty" and RW08 "Kerby" in a discussion for whom was going to get to stay in the pool. "Kerby" won.
While I was waiting to ID them, a diver swam in our direction, from shallower water he asked via signs with his hands if the seals were there and came out on the opposite side. The seals reacted looking at him, or perhaps due to the smell of his fantastic catch.
I checked birth beach several times, till late afternoon RN58 "Luana" still hadn't hauled out.

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