Sunday, May 25, 2014

5-25-2014 DB's Dailies: Aukai,Kainoa,Pua,M38&Nani@RI, Kaiwi@TBL, RIP,M&M@WP, La'akea&Meli@TB

At 0658 on my first look at Rabbit Island I found what would prove to be Aukai (RK12) & Kainoa (RN04) together on the water front rocks, 60 ft left of Seal Rock Inlet.

 When I got back to Makai Pier at 0830 I found Pua (RF34) foraging amongst the tide pools of the left end rock flats on RI.

 Also at 0830 I found what would turn out to be M38 on the water front rocks of Seal Rock Inlet. He would enter the water at 1043, and haul out to join Aukai & Kainoa at 1107. He arrived at exactly the same time as what would prove to be Nani (RK60). They hauled out together, and there was some low key interaction before both settled down for the day.

 At 1328 Marilyn did the Toilet Bowl trek and found Kaiwi (RK96) and 2 Bad Guys . They departed as soon as they saw her. HB personnel were advised.

 Mahalos to Marilyn & Melanie for all the miles of checks today.

 At 1021 Team Billand called to advise that RIP (RR70) had just done a “drive by” through the beach frontage of White Plains. They lost him at 1049. He did attempt brief haul outs but to no avail. His return to WP came as a surprise since he was at DH yesterday.

Colleen advised that there was nobody at DH on her morning check.

 At 1329 the Billands received word that an animal had been playing with the buoy at White Plains, which could only be M&M . The “adoring hordes” lining the water front getting those all important shots would not allow her to haul out so she gave up and left.

 At 1545 Dana called to advise that volunteer Angela had reported Meli (RF20) and La’akea at Kaihalulu Beach, Turtle Bay today.

Kainoa, M38 and Nani
  M38, Kainoa, Aukai and Nani
and just a wee bit too close
 Da Mob @ White Plains
 Da Plane & High Flying Flag
 Barb and Rip
 He's leaving... if you blow up this pic you can see this little kid looks so afraid

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