Thursday, May 22, 2014

5-21-2014 DB's Dailies:

At 0652 on my 1st round , I found Benny (RE74) on the off shore rocks of Kaupo Beach Park. He would move closer to the beach with the rising tide at 0915. I cordoned him off, and adjusted the cordon with his move. He has remained all day. His last visit to this location came on 9-19-13 when he joined Irma after she had weaned Kea . Apparently he was trying to recapture the magic . He was gone on my 1800 check.

 At 0758 I found what would prove to be Pua (RF34)on the left end rock flats of Rabbit Island. She would remain all day.

 When I got back to Makai Pier at 0951 I found what would prove to be Temp401, also on the left end rock flats, but well away from Pua. She would move toward the water line to join Pua. She remained there until I lost sight of her at 1325. She may have departed or just moved out of my line of sight. I did not see her again. Her right face wound continues to heal.

 Also at 0951 I found Kolohe (RW22) on the water front rocks of Rocky Right Beach on RI. Thankfully his right side “cue ball” NB was clearly visible. He was in the company of an U/F juvenile, with 2 red tags, which I was not able to ID. He would move out of my line of sight at 1243. I checked from the Makapuu Overview and he was not visible from there either so I presume he departed. Kolohe hasn’t been home for a visit since 2-5-14, having turned into a regular in the Billand’s world, or at Ka’ena Point. Welcome Home !!

 Speaking of the Billands, their only find today was M&M (R020) at the Snack Shack, White Plains.

 My pal Val called at 0859 with the wonderful news that Pokahu (RO28) had pupped this morning at a secret location, on Kauai. RW02 was said to be there also, staying well away.

 Once again the Billands are workin’ late. Check da’ blog in the morning.

 Kolohe and U/F
 Pua and Temp 401
 Benny is back in the neighborhood 
 Oh Benny! I know everyone is wondering where our Irma is.... I want to stay hopeful .... I will stay hopeful.

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madhatter said...

Welcome back Benny sure hope Irma is on her way back too!