Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Birthday KP2 !!!

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barbara said...

Oh you cutie pie...I miss you and will always remember your awesome ways at the Kaneohe Marine Corp enclosure. How you would move the rocks around in your ZEN GARDEN. How you loved TAKO that was tossed to you, how you slapped it about before eating it.

And the way you would slap the water surface if YOU DIDNT GET FED AT THE TIME YOU KNEW IT WAS...FEEDING TIME.

How you would sleep against the fence that was all rolled were so cute observing you there.

We would look forward to each observation time with you. Some times we'd go more often, filling in for someone who couldnt make their shift.

You taught us volunteers so much, while you were at Kaneohe..YOU WERE A BIG STAR.

Through you, we met a lovely woman from THE Marine Mammal Center in Sasaulito..Miss Destifanes , also Susan K, the Japanese girl, cant think of her name. Those ladies were awesome taking care of you back then in 08.

When you were taken away to the mainland, I will never ever forget how my heart ached that day, seeing you in the cage, taken in the chopper. But you went to a good place with folks who would take such good care of you in Santa Cruz Cal. And then we got to meet those special folks as well, through you again.

The brilliant Terri Williams, Beau, Tracy and I forget who else..getting old I guess.

You were a star out there in California as well..and each of us that took care of you in Hawaii, followed your Journey of Life through THEM.

KP2, Rob and I wish you a very happy birthday and many more to come. You have educated each and every one of us, it has been an awesome time with you. Thanks for being a fantastic TEACHER..your an amazing Hawaiian Monk Seal!!!

I am still sorry Mom didnt take care of you when you were born on Kauai...but look at you today..raised by man..and still..SURVIVING.

With hugs and love, and a deep appreciation for all monk seals,

B and R