Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5-20-2014 Team Billand

 Haupu at Nanakuli 
 Grandpa reading Olivia about monk seals!  
 MM makes a splash appearance
 and her playfulness continues
this isn't a good idea
 and here's a worse one... a father and his kid swim out to MM (based on Barb's observation).... Such a shame that people don't even consider they are putting themselves in danger... let own their CHILDREN!

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barbara said...

Folks out at White Plains are getting too close to the monk seals while IN THE WATER.

Question: If the seal is playing with the buoy, people go right up to it...the seal sees them, the seal is curious, starts to dart after the humans. WHAT WILL THEY DO?

IF the seal bites them, WHAT WILL THE FOLKS DO?

WIll NOAA go in to capture the animal thats been at Plains for years and take it away to a far a way spot...away from humans????

And what do we do as Volunteers??? We see what is going on daily at the beach with critters...WE TRY IN VANE TO KEEP FOLKS AWAY, BUT THE CURIOUSITY GETS THEM...THAT ONE PHOTO OPT IS WHAT THEY WANT. DANGEROUS!!!

Folks are STUPID to go up to a 500 pound seal, with TEETH. A wild animal..protected by state day....someone is going to get bit...and they will want that dangerous animal...OUT OF THEIR BEACH.

Sad...I hope this never happens...

But its getting there...look at the stupid people with a pregnant seal at DIAMOND HEAD THE OTHER DAY..with a baby. THEY HARASSED THAT POOR SEAL, TRIED TO TOUCH THE ANIMAL...RESTING..Minding its own business. ANd not one thing happened to those idiots. SAD. Dangerous.


humans...are big dumb idiots.

Laws...are made...but NOT ENFORCED.

Our seals...SUFFER..NOT PROTECTED like they should be...its getting worse.

Who ever has authority..DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!