Saturday, May 3, 2014

5-2-2014 Star of the Day .... who can it be?

Aloha good people!  Our good friend Jason O'Rourke got these incredible pics of Meli!  Jason is a professional photographer who also volunteers watching over the monk seals when he can.  These pics are just sooo sweet.  Personally I am honored to say I have some of Jason's work in my store... so if you are interested in his work please email and I can give you directions

Aloha all!
I was hosting a mainland friend today, and showing her around the island, which included a stop at Lanai Lookout, where we observed a humpback whale breaching repeatedly... really surprising this late in whale season.

Stopped by Turtle Bay as well, and hiked out to the sand dunes, where we observed Meli on the reef. She was all the way out past the dunes, on the reef at the point. We'd been there for several minutes without seeing any seals on the hike out or at her birthing beach, and didn't see her at the reef when we hiked all the way out.

It seemed like she may have noticed us walking around out there, and she appeared on the reef where she was fishing along its edge, and then hauled herself onto the reef and actually approached us. Got a nice clear shot of her tags, and a couple close ups with the big lens, so thought I'd share them with you. She rolled over on her back, so got a nice shot of the "dice" look to her belly too.

Stopped and talked with Diane Gabriel for a few minutes on our way out, so must have caught her just as she was starting her shift.  Enjoy!  Jason
 look at those eyes!
 okay playing a little peek-a-boo
 she's really beautiful
 tag shot
 belly shot!

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