Friday, May 30, 2014

5/29/2014 Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek

Kimo Lyman and I made it to Ka'ena Pt @ 5:30PM yesterday.
It was very hard to look for seals due to the late afternoon sun glare off the ocean.

There were no seals around, the tide was very high and the south swell was hitting Back Beach.

As we were leaving, Kimo spotted a seal coming in the Main Pool channel. The U/U seal came in, checked the pool, turned around and left. We tried to follow it around for a while but lost it in the glare after a dive.

I can rule out RO40 "Ka'ena" since the back was visible and there was no scar on it's back, RR70 "Rip" cause there was no N1 bleach. My guess is RW08 "Kerby" due to the behavior being the same he has shown the last couple of times we observed him out there.

Before we hiked to the point we checked birth Beach /Mokuleia, RN58 "Luana" was hauled out near the waterline in a very deep sleep.

Non seal info: Little chick  albatross "Doc" showed off his new white feathers, he's growing fast but still not ready to fly. Several adult albatrosses were flying all around as well as several Shearwaters.

On our way in we noticed that several Caper buds were nearly ready to pop at the base of "Leina"; on our way back we counted 6 very fragrant flowers in bloom.   Aloha,  Lesley

 RN58 Luana

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