Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5/26/2014 Late Update Pics from Team Billand

MM continues to play ball!  Okay Barb.... question.... Is there a pattern to her interacting with the buoy?  Does she do this anytime during the day?  Once she knocks it around does she haul out ?  Does she interact only when she swimming into shore or swimming out to sea?  None of this matters, I am just curious why, what attracts her and keeps her going back to play....
 okay MM looking big momma looking big
and the crowds were out
Look at this crowd.... MM holding court...
Haupu at lagoon one
 Kolohe and RI37 at Secrets
 Tough job out at the beaches on a holiday weekend... THANK YOU volunteers for what you do. 

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barbara said...

Miss M, R020, comes in from a nights feeding, goes straight to her buoy and plays. If she leaves early, HA, HA, Thats if she leaves early..she goes right to the buoy again to dive on top of it, bites it, hugs it...just adorable stuff to witness.

Our thanks to : Diane T, Jean Jasina, Jan and Willie...Ralph. And to Terri T, Dillons, Trudy and Dan Weaver...If I missed anyone, sorry..but you are alllllll appreciated. Hugs to all..it was one hell of a three day weekend and thanks to each person..we got through tuff times.

And thanks to Aloha Team for the call, and some person who reported two seals at Secrets who were being harassed. To Duke and his team of awesome guys...thanks for blocking off Secrets for safety purposes. Team Work...always works.

The crowds at Plains are huge..so many small kids that run in and out of the zones. THere were ball games, boogie boards in zones, surfers that dont head the signs and ropes...walking in FRONT OF SEAL. But when M and M decided to move further in land, those guys were lined around the zone, MOVED FAST. THat was greatly appreciated.

We did our best..stayed till 7:50pm till almost all humans were gone. M still layed there high up shore, SNOOZING.

Well, day begins, the sun to rise soon...got to get out there AGAIN.

Summer is here, we will need more help at Plains...oh man, this is going to be a very long hot busy summer with humans on beaches..Please help out guys, THanks.