Friday, May 23, 2014

5-22-2014 Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek and Adding New Signs with DLNR

Very early this morning Kimo Lyman and I met with Creighton Mattoon (from DLNR Div State Parks) to put in practice a longtime project between NOAA and DLNR, to install Hawaiian Monk Seal signage along the Ka'ena Point dirt road. It was a success.

Many thank yous go out to Jen Metz, David Schofield, Eric Kato, their respective teams and a special MAHALO to Creighton Mattoon for going out with us today.

After we finished installing the signs, Kimo & I headed out to the point to monitor the seals.

Our first encounter was with a BIG seal down at the very end of the Runway - to my surprise the big scar on the hind told me it was RI37 "Ipo/Bessie". Confirmed later by a I39 tag. I think she was last seen a couple of weeks ago between Haleiwa and Waialua.

Then we saw RL42 and RO40 "Ka'ena" in the Main pool, briefly disturbed by the arrival of a seal at the entrance, there was some vocalizing. Whatever "Ka'ena" said to that seal made it turn around on it's flippers and go away. I followed it from the coastline to the Runway. There it sneaked up on RI37 "Ipo/Bessie" and pestered her for quite sometime till it managed it's way upon the reef. Finally the tag I had seen earlier was visible for time enough to zoom-in and get that tag number RW08 "Kerby" !!! 

RI37 turned her back on him and went into the water, he followed her and they had a rough play session. I ended up losing them in a deep dive and not seeing them again.

On our way back from the point we checked birth beach Mokuleia again and found a freshly hauled out RN58 "Luana". She was in sleep mode on the waterline.  Aloha, Lesley

Great Interaction between Kolohe and RI37

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Lesley said...

typo mistake RI37 "Ipo/ Bessie" visible tag was I38