Sunday, May 11, 2014

5-9-2014 Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek

Marilyn & I did the KPt hike & monitoring today
It was a very hot day and any little breeze was always very welcome.
Just like this last Thursday fishermen were everywhere and it seemed like they were having a good day. After greeting them I usually ask how's the fishing/catching and rarely get a straight answer. Today I got a big smile from one of them as they were closing down camp. He's answer was : "Not Bad", that must mean a very good day in our language.

Our first seal was Temp 402 "Squinty" - hauled out on outer reefs in a very deep sleep. It's the first time I've observed him so relaxed and not looking around from side-to-side.
Next was RO40 "Ka'ena" hauled out sleeping at the entrance of his pool. 
As we made it to the point we saw trails on Back Beach, Marilyn called me as I was hiking up the side wall of Back Beach - there was a seal in the water , it was leaving and not coming in. My only photo was of it under water.

I spoke to a hiker that was sitting on the beach and she had seen an "N1" bleach as it was leaving.That was then  RR70 "Rip". If she has any photos she'll be sending them to me.

Big groups arrived and went down for a swim - assuming no seal would try to haul out with all that splashing, noise and very low tide, Marilyn & I went back to check on the other seals.

RO40 "Ka'ena" was still in his pool, Temp 402 "Squinty" was still on his outer reef and looking further we saw a different color log. Both of us had the impression that size and shape made it look like a seal.

Sure enough as we got closer and closer we saw the log move.  RW02 "Kauai" was our log seal.

When we made it back out from the point we checked again birth beach Mokuleia. There we met the beach goer Michelle (sp?) sunbathing in the company of RN58 "Luana". She said that "Luana" had hauled out an hour previous to our arrival, and was in a deep sleep in the same place down by the waterline beside a rock.
It was a perfect coexistence situation. 

Michelle had participated on one of our trainings in 2008 or 2009 - it was great to talk to her and hopefully bring her on board of the volunteers team. 

Just a side note: the Albatross chicks are fledging fast - the one we have been monitoring has white feathers showing from under its wings.  Aloha,   Lesley 

 Luana RN58 
 Temp 402
 Temp 402

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