Saturday, May 31, 2014

5/30/2014 Lesley's Windward TBR Trek

I had a meeting in Hau'Ula for the NSOF this morning so I did the monitoring of Windward side and TBR on my way in and back.

From Kualoa Ranch to Hanaka’ilio Beach (2nd Beach/Marconi Rd), including Malaekahana BP I searched for R5AY but she was no where to be seen.

RL54 "Kaikaina" was the only seal I saw today. She was hauled out in the middle of some beach rocks @ Kaihalulu Beach (Elbow Beach /TBR). 

I had some fun monitoring today with visitors and local families already on holidays. We watched "Kaikaina" toss & turn in the sun, do some face scratching and a couple of sneezes for the kids delight. She moved down to the water to cool off a little, turned around and galumphed back to her original spot.
Jeannie Martinson called this evening on her way to work to say she had seen a seal from the car @ Sunset (towards Mothers Beach). There was no one around and it had the beach for itself - unfortunately we'll wrap the day with an U/U.  Aloha,  Lesley


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