Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vote for the Chocolate Hawaiian Monk Seal

Aloha all,  This is message has been going around facebook and I think you need a facebook account in order to place a vote..... so if you do have an account and want to support the Hawaiian Monk Seal.... Please take a minute and vote!!!!

 The Hawaiian monk seal is in the running to win a coveted place in the Endangered Species Chocolate bar family!

 These bars are sold across the country and could really increase the visibility of monk seals on a national scale.

 You can vote on Facebook , and get your friends and family to vote EVERY DAY now through Sunday 4/21. Please Facebook, tweet, email and whatever else to get your network to vote for the monk seal.

CONTEST DETAILSVoting Period: 12am EST Monday, April 8 – 11:59pm EST Sunday, April 21, 2013

Prizes: Two (2) environmentally-focused non-profit organizations associated with the final selected animals will each receive a donation of $1,000. Winning organizations will be announced on/about April 22, 2013.

Contest url: https://www.facebook.com/EndangeredSpeciesChocolate/app_139067262889625?app_data=%2F&ref=ts or the shortened URL http://on.fb.me/16IqJDJ

The Marine Mammal Center is one of the 6 selected charities in this competition to win a wrapper along with a $1,000 donation, but the visibility and attention that could come to monk seals as a species and recovery efforts to save them will go far and wide. 

 Please spread the word, VOTE and make the Hawaiian monk seal a winner! It’s gonna be a tough competition with that adorable red panda so tell your friends. Right now, bumblebees are winning!

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