Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4-9-2013 DB's Dailies: Sadie&Pup,Buster@RI, Kaiwi,Kolohe&U/U@SC, Kaiwi@LL, Kermit&R018@WP, Right Spot@3Tables

At 0654 I found Sadie&Pup (D#27) doing a feed in the Morning Glory, 30 ft left of 1BS, on Rabbit Island. They would do 2 swims and 3 feeds in my presence, and remained all day.

 At 0833 Gayle called with the report of Kaiwi (RK96), and 2 other animals. By my arrival at 0841 Gayle had gotten the Kolohe (RW22) ID. Neither of us were able to get an ID on the 3rd, and smallest animal. My guess is Aukai, but ?????????  All three went around the point, headed east, at 0900.

 At 1219 Buster (RV08) hauled out to Right Greenery on Rabbit Island. ID was by his N21 bleach. He remained the rest of the day.

 At 1550 posse member Alan Hong called to report an animal on the rock flats just east of Lanai Lookout. When I arrived at 1601 found found Kaiwi (RK96) tucked in close to the cliff on "Buster Flats". She was only visible by going down thru the lava tube.

 Vera Cober called at 0929 to report Kermit (R012) fronting #1708, White Plains. He would be joined at 1526 by R018.

 At 1009 Dana called to advise of an animal at Magic Island. Colleen would later confirm the Rocky (RH58) ID.

 Dana called again at 1040 to report "N6", Right Spot (R016) at 3 Tables on the North Shore.

 I received shots from yesterday's RI37 haul out in Waialua.

 Diane Pike sent a shot of my boy Duke (RA12) on Molokai, yesterday.

Sadie and Pup
Kermit at White Plains
R018 at White Plains
Kaiwi, Kolohe and unknown
 Lanai lookout - Kaiwi
 chubby  Kaiwi
 Kaiwi at Spitting Cave before she arrived at Lanai Lookout
 Duke's tail and tags on Molokai - Maybe next time we can get a mug shot too! 
 RI37 - her infamous scar
 Rocky at one of her favorite spots Magic Island

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