Thursday, April 11, 2013

4-11-2013 Pohaku at Secret Beach Close to Setting Off Fireworks!

The following information was sent into Dana and Dera from Linda Staton - Rather than paraphrase what took place I decided to post the original information. I assume when Linda mentions "she hauled out at 7:56 pm" she means Pohaku left the beach. It's nice to know these folks were respectful and concerned for her.... gives me hope .
Pohaku was reported at Secret Beach at 11:22 am. Joan and Linda had checked Secret at 10 am with no sign of her. April came to take a look at Pohaku around 2 and left at 3. Linda came at 12:30 and left at 3 coming back at 5 pm left at 7 pm. Joan came at 3 and left at 7.

Donald and crew with Hawaii Pyrotechnics set up cannons at Secret Beach as Pohaku snoozed nearby. Their plan was to fire off at 9 pm. They were very respectful and quiet as they worked. They closed the beach. They spoke with Dera and assured her they would cancel the display if Pohaku was still up. She hauled out at 7:56 pm. We met the Fire Marshall there for inspection. It went very well, with Pohaku mostly unaffected. She opened her eyes a few times to check in their direction when they used a drill but went back to sleep.

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