Thursday, April 11, 2013

4-11-2013 DB's Dailies: Sadie,Pup&Mojo@RI, Kaiwi@SC&LL, Kermit&R018@WP, T21M@RR, Pohaku@Secrets

At 0632 I found Sadie&Pup (D#29) already in the water, off shore of 1BS. Once again most of their day was spent wet, only hauling out for short feeds and snoozes. I observed 3 swims and 3 feeds.

At 1117 on a pan I found what would prove (after 3 1/2 hrs) to be Mojo (RI17) on the water front rocks, 50 ft left of Seal Rock Inlet. At 1442 the rising tide forced him off the rocks, and he cruised down to check out Sadie&Pup. When he got to the 20 ft distance, Sadie gave him the stink-eye and he turned and rolled back to the water.

At 1404, 1 of the 2 kayakers I'd been watching in the surf line decided to haul out to the beach, 80-90 feet right of Sadie &Pup. Though he was well away, Sadie postured and barked at him. He immediately departed. Since the entire incident was less than a minute, I elected not to call DOCARE, wanting to save my chits for when I really need them.

At 0803 Gayle reported Kaiwi (RK96) doing 6 minute dives at Spitting Cave. She would call again at 1158 to advise that Kaiwi was now at Lanai Lookout.

At 0903 Vera Cober called to report Kermit (R012) and R018 at #1708, White Plains.

Dera called at 1040 to advise that Eileen had reported an animal with a white spot on the head, at the Reef Runway. My dollar is definitely on T21M.

Dana called at 1241 with the report of an animal at Secret Beach. At 1512 she called again to advise that it was Pohaku (RO28).

In the Yesterday's News department, Susan sent her shots from yesterday's trek to the end of the world. Her two finds would prove to be Ka'ena (RO40) and Kerby (RW08) at Ka'ena Point.

 bad guys, who got the hint and immediately departed.... i guess if people are going to make the mistake and land on Rabbit Island, it's nice to know there are a few that "get it" and leave. 
mojo, sadie and pup
 kaiwi butt shot
little cutey at lanai lookout
okay too cute for words!
haaaa cute shot... 
 kaiwi at spitting cave
 kermit @ white plains
 r018 @ white plains
ka'ena from wednesday 4/10
 kerby @ ka'ena point from wednesday 4/10

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