Wednesday, April 17, 2013

4-16-2013 DB's Dailies: Sadie&Pup, Aukai@RI, Kermit@WSK, Rocky@Waikiki, Irma@Waikiki, M&M@WP, BG@GR, Kerby@Kolohe@Maili Pt

At 0645 I found Sadie & Pup (D#34) in the Morning Glory, at 1BS, on Rabbit Island. When I got back at 0839 I found them just hauling out at 2BS. This was their first time at this location. They did a feed and a short snooze, and were back in the water at 0908. When I got back at 1115 I found them doing a feed on the far left end of the beach on RI , and just partially visible. They remained there the rest of the day.

On a pan at 0842 I became aware of what would prove to be Aukai (RL12) behind the water front rocks of Rocky Right Beach on Rabbit Island. Given the location she may well have overnighted.

Team Billand checked in at 0830 with the report of Kermit (R012) at Kermit's Reef.

At 0949 Dana called with the report of an animal at Rock Piles, behind the Ilikai Hotel, in Waikiki. Stephen responded and confirmed the Rocky (RH58) ID. She would depart at 1421.

At 1132 Ocean Safety reported an animal at Lifeguard stand 2E in Waikiki. Colleen & Karen Rohter responded and confirmed the Irma (R010), ID. Stephen joined them after Rocky departed.

The Billands found M&M (R020) at #1708, White Plains at 1233.

At 1352 they reported "N32", BG (R303) at Guard Rails Beach, Maili.

At 1419 Team Billand reported Kerby (RW08) at Maili Point.

At 1449 they would advise that Kolohe (RW22) had showed up and was trying get a spot near Kerby at Maili Pt. He finally made it, but he and Kerby had words, and he departed after just a short stay.

Lesley send shots of La'akea's (RK82) new N31 bleach that Mark gave her on 4-11-13.

The Billands got the report of an animal at KoOlina at 1642. They confirmed the R018 ID, at Lani's @ KoOlina.

 La'akea with her bleach job.... good to see this girl... Last time Lesley and Diane were out there, I know Diane was disappointed she get to see this girl 
 Irma at Waikiki - my my my.... she's looking huge!
 Lifeguard and Karen R.  and of course Miss Irma at Waikiki
  BG.... lol Benny's Girl - ( I am going to date myself, but everytime I see this I think of the song Bobby's Girl... early 60s)
 N4 Mr. Kermit
 MM @ White Plains
 R018 @ Ko'Olina... I'll tell ya our seal sure know the best places to go
 Kerby's tail W08
 Kolohe coming to visit Kerby @ Maili Point
 Hanging out together, unfortunately it didn't last long

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