Monday, April 22, 2013

4-21-2013 Late Entry Lesley Playing Tour Guide

Aloha Good People
While Lesley was playing tour guide with her sister looks like they stopped off at paradise cove and met up with Pohaku and the posse. Enjoy these shots. ( thank you Lesley)

Pohaku resting comfortably 
 1/2 of team billand (Barbara) doing what she does best
  Volunteers/posse  Linda, Robert and Barbara
 Robert sporting a new hair piece ... LOL!

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barbara said...

Had I known we were on Candid Camera, I would have had my hair done, flossed my teeth, shaved my legs, and put on lipstick...

And right after you and your sister left KoOlina, it stormed for a while. But we stuck it out with Pohaku.

And Miss Pohaku never left the site, not even when 1,000 people showed up for the LUAU.

Miss Linda finally left at 4pm, we stuck it out till 7pm.

No one else came to help out, so we had to stay.

Bottom Line, how can one leave a critically endangered monk seal with all those LUAU GUYS COMING????

Thank you Linda, you are a hero to us old spend many hours in the hot sun to protect and educate..god bless you.

I wish we could get more help out there, being Pohaku is a regular resident at KoOlina. I know we all try our best, but, she aint leaving yet..and she needs PROTECTION. Just too many people out there to leave her all alone.

There were some folks who were trying to call her to make her move. Not nice guys.

But other then the long hours in sun and went ok.

Hey VOLUNTEERS, any body, please give some hours to relieve Linda and the others, PLEASE GUYS...HELP US and POHAKU. She is worth the save, PROMISE.

Ok, here comes another day, who will come and help us at KoOlina???? Any body for a watch??? Pohaku will be arriving soon. Flippers crossed...that we get any body to help out.