Monday, April 8, 2013

4-8-2013 R5AY at Pounders, and RL54 at Elbow Beach

Lesley and Diane hit the windward side and found R5AY at pounders, and RL54 at elbow beach. So nice seeing mother and daughter even though they were miles apart.....  Hopefully Lesley or Diane can comment on more on 5AYs condition....
 Can one of you ladies tell us what's going on with her nose?  seal snot?  sand?  new mark?
 can still see her "hip" bone but looking full around her chest and belly
 Here's little RL54 
 tiny little one... too cute

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Diga said...

That would be sandy seal snot!! Although R5AY is probably still thinner than she would normally be, we both thought she looked really good. That hip bone has more padding around it now and her new coat looked fabulous!