Saturday, April 13, 2013

4-13-2013 DB's Dailies: Sadie&Pup(D#31),Buster@RI, Irma@HB, Pohaku@PC, R5AY@Hauula, RL42@Keaau, Ewa Girl@WSK, KC@Log Cabins, Ka'ena&Kerby@KP, Keremit@WP

Sadie&Pup (D#31) were in the water on my first Rabbit Island look at 0647. I would observe 3 haul outs with feeds, and 3 water sessions today.

At 1126 Buster (1152) hauled out to Left Middle Cliff, on RI. He would remain the rest of the day.

At 1210 Jack (At The Bay) called with the report of an animal on the left side rock flats. When I arrived at 1217 I found Irma (R010) in an Irma sized depression along the water line on the left end flats. A cordon would only have drawn attention to her, so we elected to just let her snooze and deal with the few folks that would become aware of her location. That would have been a great idea except that at 1319 Irma decided to relocate to the beach at the left end of Hanauma Bay. Jack and I put up a cordon and Irma has remained the rest of the afternoon. I picked up the stuff at HB closing (1800). Irma remained.

Dana called at 0612 with the report of an overnighted Pohaku 9RO28) at Paradise Cove. Dana reported her departure at 1452.

At 0727 Dana called with the report of R5AY in Hauula.

At 805 Marilyn called with the report of RL42 at Keaau on the west side. She had last been seen on 3-14-13.

At 0845 Vera Cober called to advise that hubby , Glen was with Ewa Girl (RS00) at Wind Sock.

At 1123 the Marilyn&Lesley expedition reported Ka'ena (R040) at the Runway, and Kerby (RW08) at Ka'ena's Pool, at Ka'ena Point.

Ocean Safety called at 0956 with the report of an animal at Log Cabins, on the North Shore. Joy Silver responded and confirmed "N14", KC (RK28).

Vera checked in again at 1157 with the report of Kermit (R012) fronting #1708 , White Plains.

Cianna called at 1545 with the report of an U/U in Ewa Beach. Awaiting further word.
 Irma at Hanauma Bay
 Ewa Girl at Windsock
 Kermit at white plains

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