Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4-30-2013 DB's Dailies: Kolohe,Duke&Kainoa@RI, RK36@SC, Aukai@LL, RB24@GR, U/U@PC, M&M@WP

At 0624 I found Kolohe (RW22) at the left end of Rabbit Island. When I got back to Makai Pier at 0825 I found that Duke (RA12) was also there with Kolohe. They would remain all day.

At 0813 Gayle called with the report of RK36 doing 7 minute dives at Spitting Cave.

At 1255 Gayle called again with word that Aukai (RL12) was at Lanai Lookout.

Despite many, many hours of panning the beach front, tip to tip I never found Kainoa. I knew that he had to be hiding in plain sight behind just the right rock, but I never got a glimpse of him, until Kolohe decided to help me out. Kolohe entered the water at the left end at 1444 and 2 minutes later, at 1446 he was play with Kainoa, in a tide pool at the left end. The kid had been right there in front of me all along, but I just couldn't see him. He and Kolohe played until Kolohe tired of that and moved on at 1455.

The plan is that Kainoa will get his tags tomorrow. Stay tuned. can't wait to see some closeups of the little porky.

I got word from a reliable source of an animal at Paradise Cove today, but I've heard nothing further, at this writing.

At 1402 Team Billand found RB24 at Guard Rails Beach, Maili.

At 1710 the Billands reported M&M (R020) at #1706, White Plains.

 Kolohe and Duke
 Aukai at Lanai Lookout 
 maybe she's waiting for her cousin Kaiwi who was a no show
 RB24 at Guardrails
 MM at white plains


barbara said...

Who was the seal at Paradise Cove??? Dont see any photos, nor report...I know there was a seal there as a friend of mine was there with it. And she was kind enough to put out the signs with Linda in the morning.

Was it Kermit? Was it Pohaku? Benny?

How did the training go out there at the cove???

Just curious. Couldnt respond, had a family matter had to take care of...other wise, we would have gone.

How long did the seal stay??? DID it crash the LUAU again???

Thanks to DIANE, glad you were there yesterday...ya done good. Your help was so appreciated Diane.

And Happy belated Birthday...Linda Stanton!!!!!!!! God bless you for helping DIane yesterday on your special day.

Vera Cober said...

The seal was Pohaku, and she left at 2:10. I got home late and didn't have time to send DB the pictures.