Wednesday, November 30, 2016

11/30/2016 DB's Dailies: Kawena,Kolohe&J/M@Rabbit Island, Benny@Paradise Cove, RI37@Hauula, Kaiwi@Makalei BP, Lei Ola@25Min, RL42@30Min, Holokai@TB, Squinty,Kerby&R3CU@Ka'ena Point

At 0830 I found Kawena (RH36) at Seal Rock Inlet and Kolohe (RW22), 80 ft right of 3BS, on Rabbit Island.

 At 1046 the J/M would haul out to join Kawena, and both would enter the water with Kawena in the lead at 1055. Kolohe would enter the water at 1153. I became aware that there 2 or 3 animals in the water fronting Kolohe’s entry point.

 At 1200 Kawena would haul out of Seal Rock Inlet, followed by Kolohe at 1218, and then the J/M at 1221. After some words between the boyz, all would settle down for an afternoon of snoozin’ .

 A Colleen text at 1039 advised that Kaiwi (RK96) was at Makalei Beach Park once again today.

 A Team Billand text at 0519 advised that Benny (RE74) was at Paradise Cove. A reenlistment ceremony took place there. Benny was not interested in reenlisting. They advised that he departed at 0700.

 At 1111 Barbara found Lei Ola (RH48)at the 25Min mark on the KP trail.

 At 1123 she reported RL42 at the 30Min mark.

 At 1207 text from Diane Gabriel brought word of Holokai (RG40) at the Elbow, Turtle Bay. Dr. Tom had reported him earlier in the day. She advised that she had stopped by Hauula to check RI37. She said Cindy was already there.

 At Barbara text at 1244 advised that she found Squinty (R330), R3CU & Kerby(RW08) at the main pool, Ka’ena Point.

 Kawena, J/M and Kolohe 
 i just want to pinch those cheeks
 Re-enlistment ceremony
Lei Ola
 Mom and Calf
 This carcass must really reek ... 

 R3CU and Kerby


Anonymous said...

That photo of R3CU and Kerby, they could be two different species. One so shiny smooth and grey and the other so rough and brown. Great contrast picture ( not to mention Kerby's attitude!).

I know there are no markers, but who is in the running to be that J/M who is hanging out on RI? Does DB have a good guess? And is there a reason for a crew to go out and ID and bleach him anytime soon?


Anonymous said...

Making ID calls at 8/10ths of a mile is difficult to say the least. With a batch of newly molted youngsters, having no usable markers yet, there have been more than the usual amounts of Unknowns. Though I would have to put RG32 at the top of my possibles list for this juvenile male, there is no way in the world to prove that until an up close & personal encounter occurs. When or if that will happen is beyond my control. Rest assured, when I know, you'll know. DB