Tuesday, November 1, 2016

11/1/2016 DB's Dailies (cont) Team Billand Big Day !!

 just amazing
Lei Ola
 so good to see you little peanut
 dog off leash at Ka'ena Point?
sunset at Ka'ena Point
 And here's the green flash

Thank you Team Billand - I'd say you had quite a day

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b said...

Very upsetting to see DOGS at Kaena Pt. Its happening more and more. There are some little signs posted, three I believe on west end.

WHO READS SIGNS???????????

I've seen dobermens, the other day two huge pitbulls running LOOSE.

Yesterday I almost fainted seeing the black dog at the back beach with the owners.

Who is responsible for stopping the dogs from entering this area with SEALS, SHEARWATERS, FRANKLINS, some times bristle thighcurlews???

PLEASE STOP PEOPLE FROM TAKING THEIR PETS OUT TO KAENA PT!!!!!!!!!! I'm afraid for all our critters.

OPPS, the two shots of Kaena, was taken on another day at the main beach Kaena Pt. Yesterday, Kaena was at the 30 min walk...snoozing just fine in that gorgeous sunset.

And I got to admit, the other day, I saw a seal who I thought was Kaale...THAT SEAL TURNED OUT TO BE: Lei Ola RH48/49. I knew it was a different seal three days ago, as I didnt see that scar under the eye of Kaale. BUT, I just thought it was the bright sunlight blocking the scar. SURPRISE when I got the tag shot. I didnt even know who H48/49 really was, got confused with so many tags to memorize. I called up DB and he said: THATS LEI OLA!!!!!!!!!!

Lei Ola dont got the scar under the left eye...hello??? I was thrilled to tell Diane and to say, she is just fine and very healthy. In a spot not easy to see her.
That find gave me the best ENERGY to keep looking...

The sun was setting, Rob was worried about me, being in the dark, with no flash lights. I made it in time and I was a HAPPY BARBARA!!! THANKS LADY OCEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Happy, JOY JOY!!!!