Tuesday, November 22, 2016

11/22/2016 In Addition: Lesley finds RW02, R5AY, RT10 and RI37

I was on my way, out to meet Carola to go do some of my old stomping grounds when from the driveway, I saw “a” shape down the beach on Camp Erdman side. Stopped to check and found RW02 “PVKauai”. By the trails on the beach he has overnighted again.
We started by Turtle Bay looking for “Holokai” but he was MIA. We hiked out to Kahuku Pt and found beautiful RT10 “Ua Malie” hauled out @ Elbow Beach.
We drove out to Hauula to check on R5AY “Honey Girl” and RI37 “Ipo/Bessie” hauled out in front of the Fire Station. Where it seems they spent all day.

Turns out we saw mom "Honey Girl" and 2 of her daughters "Ipo/Bessie" (b.2005 Kauai) & "Ua Malie" (b.2010 @ TBR/Oahu)  Thank you Lesley and Carola!

Honey Girl R5AY - Momma
 Honey Girl, Mom, and Grandmama
 RI37 - IPO (Honey Girls daughter)
 Ua Malie RT10 (another daughter)
 RW02 PV Kauai (no relation that we know of :-) 

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