Sunday, November 20, 2016

11/20/2016 DB's Dailes: Kekoa@Rabbit Island, Kaiwi@China Walls, Pohaku@CIP Holokai@Kuilima Bch, Benny@Makaha Bch, Squinty@Yokes Cliffs, Lei Ola@30Min, Ka'ena@40Min, Ka'ale@30Min

Rabbit Island was bare when I arrived at 0800, however on a routine pan at 0809 I found that Kekoa (RK72) had arrived and was now snoozin’ at the vegetation line behind Seal Rock Inlet. He would be the only RI resident today.

 Gayle called at 1107 with the report of Kaiwi at China Walls. I got over there at 1230 and sure enough Kaiwi (RK96) was back in the hood !

 A Team Billand text at 0910 advised that Pohaku (RO28) was foraging again off shore of Campbell Industrial Park, for the 3rd day.

 At 1245 the Billands reported Benny (RE74) at Makaha Beach and in the same text advised that Squinty (R330) was at Yokes Cliffs.

 Barbara found Lei Ola (RH48) at the 30Min mark on the west side KP trail at 1337.

 On her way back, Barbara found Ka’ale in the spot where Lei Ola had been.

 At 1423 Barbara reported Ka’ena (RO40) just hauling out at the Yokes end of the KP Trail.

 Lesley called with the report of RW02 on the Erdman side of the estate at Mokuleia.

 Lusi spent quality time with Holokai (RG40) at Kuilima Beach, Turtle Bay today. Thank you Lusi.

 looking good Benny....
 Sand sculpture :-)  <3
Ka'ale hmmm his tail almost looks like furry fingers
 Lei Ola's furry tail fingers 
The prince of Turtle Bay ... Holokai
 look how clean!
 a little sandy scratch action

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