Wednesday, November 2, 2016

11/2/2016 DB's Dailies: Kekoa@Rabbit Island, Right Spot@Kaupo Beach Park, R8HE@L#1 KoOlina, Kerby@Maili Point, Holokai@Turtle Bay,

At 0700 I found Right Spot (R016), once again at “Cockroach Cove”, Kaupo Beach Park. Advised Cianna at the Hotline. Right Spot would depart at 1234.

 On my first look at Rabbit Island at 0743 I found Kekoa (RK72) just moving down to Seal Rock Inlet. When I got back to Makai Pier at 0855 the island was bare.  At 1001 what would prove to be Kekoa hauled out , 80 ft right of 3BS, where he would remain the rest of the day.

 At 0651 Team Billand found R8HE at L#2, KoOlina. She would apparently depart that location at some point, because at 1253 Team Billand found her at L#1, KoOlina. R8HE is definitely molting, and showing a couple of not previously seen dings. Her back is certainly looking better.

 At 0948 the Billands found Kerby (RW02) at Maili Point.

 Diane Gabriel sent shots from her shift with Holokai (RG40) at Turtle Bay. He is almost there on his molt, with just bits and pieces hangin’ on. He is showing a lot of nicks and dings but considering the gnarly reef that he operates on, its not surprising.

Right Spot
The side by side Before and After

 she really does have a sweet face...
 she's got quite a group of markings

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b said...

Not only did this poor female, R8HE get mobbed by other males, she is also starting her MOLT!!! Wow, this seal has to face many big issues...and she has the STRENGTH, the INTELLIGENCE to find KoOlina Lagoons to hide from the males, to heal herself. ISNT THAT AMAZING????

This is pupping time for sharks, but, she has dodged them also.

When she turned upside down YESTERDAY, it scared the hell out of me...what was that about? I think she is tired, tired of floating all day every day since the 16th of October. She floated on her back, to take some pain off her injury, to relax, to let the sun shine on her belly. Remarkable critter.

I saw her float on her side the other day revealing other scars we hadnt seen.

Today she finally landed again, oh how happy all of us who been observing her FELT FOR HER. The tourists also felt JOY to see her on land for a change.

Its always hard to keep curious folks away from her or any seal in the lagoons. there are paddle boarders, snorklers, swimmers, every day to yell at or get their attention. We have to yell across the lagoons, HOPING TO GET THEIR ATTENTION: Watch out for the seal floating. Today, Rob talked to some folks and after that talk, the boarders, snorklers stayed back of seal..HOORAY. Thanks ROB.

Today we became a TEAM of volunteers, to educate folks, to tell all how special this female MONK SEAL REALLY IS and the challenges she faces alone. For me it felt great to be a part of this extraordinary humans, WHO CARE ABOUT THE SEAL known as R8HE. HI FIVE GUYS!!!!

Met a beautiful couple from England..they sat with us on the shaded grassy site. Talked all about our seals, they asked lots of questions and all of them were answered to the best of our ability. We shared binoculars to get a closer look at her wounds, her beautiful face, her courage, GOT TO KNOW HER BETTER. Feel for her.

Tomorrow is another day of keeping folks back, educating the new people who come by, wondering whats going on and why not capture her to help her. Takes lots of time to do all of this and guess what? I love doing this job...

To the ALOHA TEAM...they are exceptionally kind to us all and we appreciate each of those hard working people, helping us to CARE FOR THIS SPECIAL SEAL.

Some times, we all got to appreciate each other...

To R8HE...god bless, we will be out there again, hoping YOU LAND and REST...HEAL.