Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all of you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving.
One thing I am grateful for is all of you caring for our beloved Hawaiian monk seals!


b said...

Happy Thanksgiving Miss Donna!!

Thanks for your hard work of putting together all the pics from all us guys. For having the blog to express our opinions, our thoughts, our day with the seals.

You are appreciated Miss Donna for the many years of late nights work in wee hours of the morning.

I also want to say Thanks to ALL volunteers who work so hard each day for the seals.

To all the people who phone in a haul out, to all those folks who CARE.

We are appreciative to NOAA who saved so many of our hooked seals.

God bless all and have a blessed Thanksgiving Day.

Madhatter said...

I too would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving to all who love and care about the beautiful Hawaiian Monk Seals. Giving their time and teaching others about the Monk Seals. I still like to tell others about the Monk Seals since I first learned about them 4 years ago. My family and new friends I meet. So many people in states like Ohio have never heard of a Monk Seal .

b said...

I got to tell you, for hours I wanted to find the Explosive fight with Benny RE74, Kermit R012 and Irma R010 on Makaha Beach on Makau Street side of Beach. Well, I FOUND THE SHOT and the year was: Sept 3rd, 2010.

We had gotten a call from my nephew Ian, who said there were three seals and ONE OF THE SEALS WERE MEAN AND HAD CHASED THEM when they got out of the water after diving.


Irma had just gotten back from her journey, and both Benny and Kermit were there to have THEIR MOMENT with her. Let me tell you guys, that Kermit was the sweetest of all males, a real gentlemen. And he was also the largest FATTEST SEAL BACK THEN.

Irma and Kermit had this really cool relationship of meeting in August / September and their meeting was like CLOCKWORK. We would WAIT FOR SEPTEMBER TO COME...cause both seals would return and be together all the time at Plains, windsock etc.

But on their return, BENNY RE74 was there with Irma at Makaha Beach and he was really GUARDING HER FOR HIMSELF.

Kermit was over a hundred feet of Irma and Benny. He galumphed all the way, slowly, to greet her. But the moment he started going to Irma, BENNY CHARGED him with mouth wide opened and the fight was ON. It was the worst fight we witnessed for hours and hours. Kermit would never be with his Irma, BENNY MADE SURE OF IT.

SO that is the picture with Benny and his mouth wide opened, with poor innocent Irma. Benny was about to CHARGE KEMIT AGAIN...he was out of that shot with his mouth wide opened also.

September 3rd, 2010...a day none of us will ever forget. The lifeguard who was there filming the entire DRAMA was so excited that day. For years he would show folks THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY to all.

Go to Sept 3rd 2010, see how Benny fought Kermit for IRMA!!!! To Kermit and Irma...we miss your sweet relationship and we still think of you both at Plains and windsock, ALWAYS.