Monday, November 28, 2016

11/28/2016 In Addition: Grandma and Grandson ( R5AY and Holokai)

Thank you Carola !!!  What a nice day you had!
Spent a few hours with HoneyGirl and Holokai this afternoon. HG was at Keiki pool all afternoon. Holokai was snoozing up at the Elbow. Quiet day for both.  3 parties of people where with HG but at a respectful distance and they loved to hear all about her. If you ask me, she is having a new pup next year, look at her belly :) 

Honey Girl

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Madhatter in Ohio said...

Love seeing Honey Girl! I work with children and when I taught them about Monk Seals they loved Honey Girl. But I don't believe that I know how she got her name.